About the Funding

Over the past year, bids were vetted from construction companies with guidance from architects that specialize in conservation of historic buildings. The preferred bid came from a reputable lighting company that is known world wide for successful projects and most notably the company that provide the lighting for the courageous work conducted in the aftermath of 9/11 at ground zero in New York city. The bid provides the lowest cost possible for lighting construction that adequately conserves and protects the historic structure and existing stonework. The total cost of lighting construction is $350,000.

Upon completion of the lighting construction, the Cathedral will be illuminated on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in addition to holidays and other special occasions.

To fund the lighting construction, we are seeking contributions from private citizens.

The Lighting Committee of The Cathedral Foundation, a non-profit organization, will manage the contributions.

If you wish to donate you can follow the Donate link above, or call the Cathedral Heritage Foundation at 651.357.1325.

All donors will be publicly recognized and acknowledged.

Cornerstone Donors, contributors of $1000, will receive:
  • A remembrance photograph of the Cathedral illumination during the centennial celebration in 2007
  • Their name listed on the donation plaque on permanent display at the cathedral
  • A selected date of illumination to be dedicated to the person of their choosing