Welcome to the Light The Cathedral Project!

Help bring St. Paul’s most distinguished landmark
– The Cathedral of Saint Paul –
out of the shadows and into the light.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is more than a Cathedral. It is a beacon that presides over the city. It is a visual landmark to visitors and residents alike. Its beauty and grandeur mark the heart and soul of our beautiful city, majestically aligned with the state capitol.

One year ago, on its 100th anniversary, the Cathedral was adorned with lights (see the Photo Gallery), which illuminated this magnificent structure against the night sky. The community responded by coming out by the hundreds to enjoy its beauty and history.

But since then, this distinctive landmark disappears at dusk, hidden by the shadows of night because it lacks the proper lighting that is afforded even the most basic office buildings.

A group of private citizens has initiated an effort, planned and coordinated with The Cathedral Foundation – to raise funds to permanently light the Cathedral.

“The Cathedral of Saint Paul reflects the efforts, accomplishments and dreams of Minnesotans over several generations. An architectural landmark, the Cathedral keeps alive memories that have shaped our cultural identify. This majestic building inspires a commitment to preserver this very special place.”

-Nina Archabal, Director, Minnesota Historical Society

“Even in the age of skyscrapers this national historic monument holds a prominent place on the skyline of the Twin Cities. The Cathedral of Saint Paul is one of the only buildings in the United States that can compare with such grand structures in Europe. Its beauty inspires people of all faiths to contemplate what is best in our world.”

-Very Reverend Joseph R. Johnson, Rector